Five Reasons Why European Automobiles Are Better than Domestic

Yes, we here at East Coast EuroWerks are admittedly biased, but we also know our stuff regarding European automobile manufacturing. There are plenty of well-built and reliable domestic makes and models on the road, but if you’re looking for a driving experience like none other, you should consider European. What makes us so sure you’ll love driving an Audi, MINI, or Volkswagen? Keep reading.

1. Size Matters

Unless you want to drive a mammoth gas-guzzler, and it’s fine if you do, European automobiles are designed to navigate the smaller roads in European countries. What does that mean to us here in the U.S.? Easier times getting in and out of tight spaces, better handling, and better fuel economy, but more on the latter two later.

2. Beauty Counts, Too

Let’s be honest. American automobile advertising includes slogans such as “Built Ford Tough” or “Guts. Glory. Ram,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are a rugged country filled with movers and shakers. Still, nothing catches the eye better than the sleek design of a European automobile, and if you’re a sports car buff, you have to drive a Beemer.

3. Road Hugs

Speaking of Beemers, have you ever driven the Autobahn? If not, add that to your bucket list. There’s nothing like it, and European vehicles are designed to handle high speeds. The speed limit in Europe can be as high as 150 MPH. You can’t drive that fast here, but you can enjoy driving a vehicle that handles well at any speed because it was designed to drive at 150 MPH safely.

4. Transmission Costs

We love our automatic transmissions in the States, but most European models are manual. This makes them more fun to drive and also cuts down on maintenance costs. It’s easier to maintain a manual transmission because there aren’t as many parts. It’s also easier to repair one, as you can usually replace a worn-down part instead of the entire transmission. Easier is less expensive.

5. Efficiency

As briefly touched upon above, European automobiles are designed to be fuel-efficient. Even though we’re paying more for fuel than we have in the past, gas still costs less here than it does overseas. European automobile manufacturers have always had fuel costs as a primary concern in their design, which is why their cars are tops when it comes to fuel efficiency.

See? We aren’t that biased. European automobile manufacturing really does produce amazing machines that you will love to drive. Better yet, East Coast EuroWerks can keep your Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen running at its best. Our shop is located on Station Road in Wilmington, NC, and you can set up an appointment by contacting us.


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