Five Signs of Suspension Trouble

European automobiles are known for their handling. Asian and domestic machines cannot rival it. Your vehicle will alert you to suspension trouble, which will affect how it handles, and it’s important that you have the issue resolved quickly, or you run the risk of damaging your suspension further. Bring your European automobile into East Coast EuroWerks if you notice any of the following five issues.


A surefire sign that your vehicle is out of alignment is if it pulls to the right or the left while driving. Your automobile should go straight when you steer it straight. If it doesn’t, and you find yourself fighting to keep it heading straight, there’s likely something going on with your wheel alignment or tires. Pulling can also be caused by your brake calipers, tie rods, or steering rack.

Bumpy Rides

Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to absorb road bumps, and a sign it’s failing is if it doesn’t do so. Usually, feeling every bump on the road, large or small, is a sign you need new struts and shocks. It could also be a worn-out leaf spring, which is also indicated by your vehicle leaning toward when the rear when it’s parked. You shouldn’t feel every bump on the road unless you’re off-roading.

Car Sits Low

Speaking of leaning toward the back, if you notice your vehicle sitting low anywhere around it, you either have a flat tire or a damaged suspension spring. For example, if your parked car leans toward the front right tire side, the suspension spring on that wheel could be the issue. If one or more of your suspension springs are damaged, you may also hear clunking when you hit a bump.

Unusual Movement

The shocks and struts are not only there to absorb the bumps in the road; they are also there to hold your vehicle still when you stop and start. In other words, if your European automobile leans forward when you stop, leans to the side when you turn corners, or leans toward the back when you start from a stop, you probably need to have your shocks and struts replaced.

Steering Issues

Finally, your steering system is part of your suspension, and it, too, can indicate suspension trouble. You might notice your steering wheel is off-center, which means your wheels aren’t aligned properly. You may also have difficulty steering, which could be as simple as low power steering fluid or something as complex as a worn steering control arm bushings.

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