Does My European Automobile Have Different Fluid Colors?

Yes, East Coast EuroWerks advises that your European automobile has different fluid colors. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you drive a European, Asian, or domestic automobile. The fluids are different colors to make them easier to identify. Let’s talk about the different colors of automotive fluids below and what you should do if your European automobile springs a leak.


Two automotive fluids are colored blue: antifreeze/coolant and windshield washing solution. To be honest, it’s not that common to have blue antifreeze/coolant in your European automobile. If it’s leaking blue fluid, it’s most likely the windshield washing solution.


Brown automotive fluids start so light that some of them are almost clear or yellow. As they age, they turn dark brown. If your European automobile is leaking brown fluid, it’s not safe to drive it. The automotive fluids that have brown hues are the brake fluid, motor oil, differential oil, and transmission fluid that is too old and needs to be changed.


Clear fluid is usually just water dripping off your European automobile’s air conditioning system. You might also have water dripping out of the tailpipe. If the fluid smells like fuel, it is fuel, so don’t drive your European automobile.


The antifreeze/coolant comes in many different colors, and green is one of them. Sometimes, the color may be more blue-green. It’s not a good idea to drive an automobile that is leaking antifreeze/coolant. This can cause your vehicle to seize up or overheat.


If you see orange fluid spots on your garage floor, this is a bad sign. Usually, automotive fluid only turns orange when it has rust in it. In other words, your radiator has corroded and rust has eaten through the bottom of it. What you see on your garage floor is engine coolant filled with rust.


Red is a common color for automotive fluids just like brown is. In fact, although most brake fluid is brown, it can also come in a red hue. Engine coolant is red if it isn’t yellow or any of the other colors we’ve listed above. Power steering fluid is red all the time. And transmission fluid is red. It’s probably not a good idea to drive your European automobile if it is leaking red fluid.

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Photo by Pav_1007 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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