Does Preventative Maintenance Really Save Me Money?

There’s a reason why your European automobile’s manufacturer prints a preventative maintenance schedule in the back of your owner’s manual: Preventative maintenance extends the life of your automobile and saves you money. East Coast EuroWerks services European automobiles every day to keep them road-ready, safe, and efficient. Here’s how these simple services save you money.

Protects Crucial Vehicle Parts

Let’s talk about simple oil changes, for example. When you start your automobile a number of things happen. One of those things is certain engine parts move against each other. This creates friction and motor oil buffers the parts from that friction to prevent them from overheating. Dirty or low motor oil cannot protect your moving parts from friction and eventually, they will break down. It’s cheaper to have your motor oil changed regularly than it is to replace engine parts or entire systems.

Detects Potential Problems

Preventative maintenance also allows automotive technicians to detect potential problems before they become actual problems. Think about your timing belt, for example. Preventative maintenance schedules call for its inspection after a certain mileage milestone. This allows the technician to see whether it needs to be replaced and if does, to replace it before it breaks. A broken timing belt can cause serious damage to your engine’s pistons, valves, and oil pan and that’s not cheap!

Increases Vehicle Efficiency

Increasing automobile efficiency boils down to simple mechanics: An engine that runs at its best is more efficient than an engine that doesn’t. For example, if you aren’t faithful about your oil changes your oil filter will eventually clog. In addition, engine parts will suffer because they aren’t lubricated enough and they will have to work harder to do their jobs. Bottom line: You will lose fuel economy because your engine is working harder than it has to. Preventative maintenance keeps everything as if it were new.

Increases Vehicle Lifespan

Finally, if you stay on top of preventative maintenance and replace belts, filters, fluids, hoses, and working parts when you need to, your car, truck, or SUV will last longer. The three reasons supporting preventative maintenance discussed above all create this summation. A vehicle that is cared for will remain on the road longer than one that is not because it remains in a like-new condition each time maintenance is performed. Instead of getting 100,000 miles out of your vehicle, you’ll get 200,000 miles.

East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, is your European automotive expert. Call us to discuss your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule.


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