Engine Noises Your Audi Shouldn’t Make

Whether you drive an Audi or another European automobile, East Coast EuroWerks advises that the engine should not make strange noises. If your Audis engine starts to make odd noises, head straight to our European auto service shop in Wilmington. We are experts in all things European, and we can get to the bottom of the strange engine noise. Here are common engine noises that mean there is something wrong.


Your Audi’s engine may start to hiss if it is running too hot. This hissing noise could be coming from a radiator cap that is about to burst. The engine will also hiss if leaking fluid is dripping onto hot engine parts. A vacuum leak can also make the engine hiss. The sound will come from the leaking vacuum hose as the vacuum pressure escapes from the hole in the hose.


The most common reason why your Audi’s engine will squeal is a loose accessory belt. The belt can loosen over time or the pulley can wear down. We will confirm that this is where the squealing noise is coming from and rectify the problem. We can tighten the belt if it is still in good shape. If it isn’t, we will replace it. If your brakes are squealing, the pads need to be replaced.


Your Audi likely has a detonation problem in the cylinder block if the engine is knocking. This could mean that you put fuel in the tank that has a lower octane than what is recommended for the Audi. Detonation knock is also caused by a lean fuel mixture or faulty spark plugs. The knock could also be the sound of the pistons clanking against the cylinder walls if the rod bearings are worn out.


Roaring or rumbling noises are often caused by a hole in the Audi’s muffler. This being said, the Audi will also roar and rumble if the catalytic converter has been stolen. Another thing that will make the engine rumble is faulty spark plugs. In this case, your Audi may also shake when it makes the rumbling sounds.


Finally, your Audi’s engine should not pop or tap. This sound points to a leak in the exhaust system, usually in the exhaust manifold. In some cases, the noise will be louder when you start the Audi because the manifold has not yet expanded due to heat. The crack will be wider and more exhaust will escape from the crack while the manifold is cold. This will cause a louder popping or tapping sound.

East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, is here to help, so call us today if your Audi is making strange engine noises.

Photo by Johnson from Pexels via Canva Pro

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