Get the Best Fuel Economy Out of Your European Automobile

European automobiles are known for their fuel economy, but did you know you can improve the gas mileage you get out of your European beauty? East Coast EuroWerks lists some tips below provided by AAA that help you get the best fuel economy out of your European automobile.

Plan All Trips

If you make a plan before you head out, you can reduce unnecessary stopping and going. For example, if you have a strip mall or shopping center in town that has everything you need, go there and park your automobile rather than make multiple trips to different locations.

Slow Down

You probably already know this tip but the slower you go the less gas or diesel fuel you burn. If you slow down even 10 miles per hour, you will get better gas mileage out of your European automobile. Drive the speed limits and go slower when you can.

Be Conservative

It’s also a good idea to drive conservatively. In other words, don’t take off from a stopped position in an effort to get from zero to 60 in seconds. Pick up speed slowly to avoid wasting excess gasoline. Take it easy on your automobile to improve your gas mileage.

Don’t Idle Excessively

Idling excessively can also reduce how many miles per gallon you get from a full tank. It’s better to turn off your engine if you are going to be idling for more than a minute. You use less fuel restarting your engine than you do if you are sitting at an idle.

Work a Flex Schedule

If your job provides a flexible schedule where you can avoid morning and afternoon traffic, work that schedule. Sitting in traffic is idling excessively and this burns away fuel more quickly than driving without stopping and going constantly.

Pace Yourself

If you are on city streets, pace yourself so you hit all of the traffic signals on the green light. The signals are timed so that you can do this. You just need to hit the right speed and maintain it. Maintaining speed will help reduce excess fuel burn.

Use Your Cruise Control

This is why it’s important to use your cruise control whenever you can. Even if your foot is very steady, it cannot maintain the speed the way cruise control can. The only time you shouldn’t use your cruise control is when you are driving in inclement weather.

Finally, allowing East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, to maintain your vehicle will keep the engine running efficiently and improve your gas mileage. Call us today for a service appointment.

Photo by vrcraft from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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