Is Your Car’s Engine Dead?

No one wants to hear that their engine has given up the ghost, but all engines have limited life spans, even those in European automobiles. Being able to spot some of the signs of catastrophic engine failure might allow you to get away with rebuilding the engine instead of replacing it. East Coast EuroWerks can help. Here’s a list of things that can indicate serious trouble underneath the hood.

You’re Hearing Constant Engine Sounds

Your engine makes noise, of course, but what you’re listening for are knocks, rattles, or other sounds that are out of the norm. These sounds might start out slowly or quietly, but eventually, if they’ve gone on long enough, they get much louder and are constant. This is a sign that bad things have happened in the engine compartment that need immediate attention. Continuing to drive your car will kill it.

You’ve Got Metal Shavings in Your Oil

If you’re checking your own oil regularly, you might start to notice metal flakes in your oil. It might be easier to see them as you wipe the dipstick with a paper towel or rag. These metal shavings are a very bad sign because they mean that engine parts that should be well lubricated are actually rubbing against each other and knocking these flakes off. The more metal in your oil, the worse your problem is.

There’s No More Get up and Go

Are you noticing that there’s no more oomph in your vehicle? If you are, that could be a sign that there’s something minor going on, but more often it indicates that your engine might be giving up. Rule out other causes for losing that much power and then you can go from there to find out if this is a fixable problem or one that requires a new engine. If your engine has a ton of miles on it, it might just be done.

Your Car Is Kicking Out Tons of Exhaust

Your car is going to send out exhaust, and that’s normal but you shouldn’t really see it. What isn’t normal is if your car is suddenly kicking out a lot more exhaust that you can easily see. This can mean that your car’s engine is burning off gasoline or oil, which is devastating. The engine could also be burning coolant, which releases excessive white exhaust and also steam from underneath the hood.

Concerned about your vehicle? Contact us at East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, and we can take a look at your car for you. We are European automobile specialists.


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