Porsche is by far one of the most luxurious vehicles sold on the market today. If you own a Porsche, don’t just take it to any run-of-the-mill repair shop. Bring it to East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, North Carolina where we offer the most comprehensive diagnostics, repair, and performance services available. Our factory-trained technicians are ASE Certified and have the knowledge to make sure that your Porsche is repaired right the first time, every time. We’re also proud to offer our customers a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all our parts and labor. Come see us for your preventative maintenance, performance, and major repair needs and see why we are the most recommended Porsche repair in Wilmington, NC.

Services We Offer

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, regular oil changes are needed. At East Coast EuroWerks, we only use OEM parts and filters and the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil so you can be sure your engine is properly lubricated. Is your cabin feeling a little toasty? We also provide AC system repairs that include any necessary repair, recharge, or diagnostics. We’re happy to perform all the needed fluid flushes to include brakes, coolant, power steering, transmission, and differentials.

When it comes to Porsche-specific services, we can perform a 993/996/997 Clutch Replacement and the IMS bearing replacement and rebuild. We can also offer a subframe overhaul and reinforcement as well as check all of your drive belts and accessory belts for any overhauls that might be needed. Porsche vehicles come in a variety of models, and we’re fully trained to work on all of them. We have full access to only authentic Porsche parts so you can be sure your car will get the care it deserves.

Come see us for a full computer diagnostics test so we can determine any issues you may have if your check engine light has come on. We also provide brake service to include pads, rotors, sensors, calipers, and more. If you need an ignition system overhaul, we’re well-versed in replacing spark plugs, direct ignition coil packs, distributor caps, and wires. Our mechanics are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to belts, tensioners, and pullies.

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, we can provide services for a fluid and filter exchange, seal or sleeve repairs, torque converters, and an overhaul or comprehensive clutch replacement. Don’t leave your vehicle to change. Take it to the experts at East Coast EuroWerks where we provide all the services and repairs your Porsche needs to stay running safely and smoothly. Give us a call or schedule your Wilmington Porsche repair appointment online today!

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