Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your European Automobile Purring All Summer Long

East Coast EuroWerks is taking extra precautions to ensure our customers stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes no-contact drop-off and pick-up options as well as extra steps in our shop. Don’t put your vehicle’s summer preventative maintenance off because of COVID-19. We wear latex gloves while we work on your car and we disinfect it before we return it to you. Here are five maintenance services that should be done now before the weather gets as hot in Wilmington, NC, as it does in July.

Oil Change

Your oil helps keep your engine cool along with the radiator. Motor oil lubricates the engine so moving parts don’t get too hot. It also absorbs the heat from the moving parts so it can carry it away from them. This keeps the mercury down inside your engine even though the mercury has risen outside.

Coolant Change

Engine coolant also carries heat away from the engine and cools it in the radiator. If the coolant is old, dirty, or low, your engine will overheat, especially if it’s hot outside. Coolant works extra hard in the summer to keep the engine temperature down. Have it flushed and refilled now.

Battery Test

Your vehicle draws more power from the battery in the summer for components such as the air conditioning system. Test the battery now to make sure it has plenty of charge (and fluid) to get you through the hot, summer months. This is especially important if your battery is three years or older.

AC Check

Don’t flip on the AC during the first hot day and find out it isn’t working. Let us check it now so you know you’ll have plenty of cold air in your vehicle during July, August, and September. We are hot and humid in Wilmington, which means the hot seems a lot hotter when it’s also wet outside.

Tire Check

Finally, we may not get as hot as, say, Southern California or Arizona, but we still see temperatures in the 90s during the summer. The hotter it is outside the hotter the roads get. If your tires are bald or if the tread is wearing down unevenly, the hot roads can cause a blowout and other tire damage.

Let us get your European vehicle ready for summer with preventative maintenance. Call East Coast EuroWerks. We are located in Wilmington, NC, and we are taking extra steps to keep our customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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