Rules For Driving On The Autobahn

The Autobahn. Where else in the world can you drive as fast as you want without getting a speeding ticket? Bear in mind, however, the Autobahn isn’t a free-for-all; there are rules. East Coast EuroWerks specializes in European automobiles because they are engineered for speed and handling on highways like the Autobahn. They are safe at high speeds. Even so, here some rules to ensure everyone stays safe when they hit the Autobahn and put the pedal to the metal.

Automobiles Only

Only cars, motorcycles, SUVs and trucks are allowed on the Autobahn. Those riding mopeds or bicycles cannot enter the thoroughfare. With speeds at over 100 mph in most places, slow-moving vehicles are safe on the highway, so don’t jump on the Bahn in anything that can’t safely handle fast speeds.

No Pedestrians

The above also applies to foot traffic. Pedestrians are never allowed on the Autobahn. This is a recipe for disaster. Again, people drive very fast on this highway and they would not have time to stop if a pedestrian crossed their path. People are not allowed to walk or run on the highway.

Lane Control

You can only pass slower cars using the left lane. You are not allowed to pass a vehicle using the right lane on the Autobahn. When there is traffic congestion, all drives must either pull over and drive on the right-hand side or left-hand side. This opens a center lane for emergency vehicles.

One-Way Only

As with all freeways here in the States, once you jump on the Autobahn you are headed in that direction. Period. You can’t stop, backup or make a U-turn on the highway. If you see that you are driving north when you wanted to head south, you have to exit the highway and re-enter it.

Shoulder Prohibitions

The shoulders are only for stalled vehicles. You cannot pull over to check your cell phone or grab something from the back seat. Once you get on the Autobahn you are expected to maintain travel until you exit the highway, so don’t think about pulling over to the shoulder or running out of gas.

Speed Limits

The Autobahn isn’t mach-10 all the time. There is speed-limit enforcement in large cities and when road conditions are unfavorable. You will see digital speed limit signs along the Autobahn. Speed limits are posted when authorities deem it necessary to control traffic. Obey them.

Don’t you want to get into a German-engineered speed machine and drive the Autobahn? We here at East Coast EuroWerks do! In the meantime, we can keep your European automobile in shape with scheduled maintenance and repairs, so contact us today. We service the Wilmington, NC, area.

Image by Jan Macarol from Pixabay

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