Safe Back To School Car And Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again when little ones and high schoolers are hitting the books. During this back to school season, parents and young drivers should take some time to ensure that their vehicle is back-to-school ready. Even if you’ve been driving for a long time, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your vehicle gets your kids or your friends to school safely throughout the year.

Check Your Lights and Wipers

As autumn approaches, the days begin to get shorter. Not to mention, you may run into more inclement weather throughout the chilly months of fall and winter. To ensure everyone’s safety, make sure your wiper blades are in good condition so you can easily clear your window. Check wiper fluid levels and top them off if you’re running low. Replace old, worn-out wipers and take a close look at your headlights and taillights. Make sure that all bulbs are working and that your light lenses are clean and clear.

Have Your Brakes Inspected

Ideally, you should get your braking system inspected at least once a year anyway. Now is a good time to take your car in for a thorough inspection by an experienced mechanic. If your brakes don’t work, it can pose a serious risk to yourself, your precious cargo, and others on the road. Look for the warning signs that your brakes might be in distress, such as loud noises, grinding, or strange feelings whenever you press on the gas pedal. Those are signs that you should get your brakes looked at as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget the Tires

Whether your tires are over or underinflated can cause a serious threat to your safety and your car’s overall health. Check all four of your tires and make sure they are at the correct air pressure level. Overinflated tires are prone to blowouts, and underinflated tires can make handling slippery roads more difficult. While you’re at it, examine the tires for any excess wear, and check the tread depth. You can easily refill your tires with air at most gas stations. If they look worn, now is a good time to invest in new ones for safe back to school driving.

Other Safety Tips

Remind your kids and their friends to buckle up whenever they drive or whenever they’re a passenger in a car. Check to be sure that little ones have the proper safety seats or other safety restraints installed, and encourage your children to wear their seatbelts as a good practice. If you have kids or small children in the neighborhood, consider investing in a good backup camera or backup detection device. This will help you see children as they pass behind you, avoiding catastrophic accidents.

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