Signs I’ve Blown the Head Gasket in My Mercedes

East Coast EuroWerks advises that if you suspect that you have blown the head gasket in your Mercedes, pull over right away and call for a tow truck. Don’t continue to drive the European automobile because doing so can damage the engine irreparably. Below, you will find the signs that you have a blown head gasket in your Mercedes’ engine.

Bubbling Sounds

One of the first things that might happen is you might hear bubbling sounds coming from the engine. This is because the engine is overheating quickly and causing the coolant to boil. The coolant will boil in both the radiator and the overflow reservoir. Driving your Mercedes when the engine is overheating opens you up to further damage such as a cracked engine block.

Excess White Exhaust

Another thing that you will notice is your Mercedes will start to release white exhaust out of its tailpipe. You may also end up with white steam coming from underneath the hood. This is because the coolant is spraying out of the blown head gasket all over the engine and being burned away. When coolant is being burned away, it creates white engine exhaust smoke.

Low Coolant Level

Naturally, as the coolant is escaping the blown head gasket, it will reduce the level of coolant in the engine. This is why your Mercedes’ engine will start to overheat right away when you blow the head gasket. You won’t end up with coolant sponsor puddles on the garage floor. Rather, as mentioned above, the coolant will spray into the engine from the head gasket.

Milky-White Oil

In addition, you will lose coolant as it mixes with the motor oil that is circulating through the engine. Unfortunately, this can create a huge problem as the mixture reduces oil’s ability to protect your Mercedes’ engine. Consequently, if you keep driving the European automobile, you could, again, damage the engine beyond repair. Call for a tow truck instead.

Overheating Engine

As we have mentioned, a blown head gasket is going to overheat the engine quickly. If your Mercedes is overheating every time that you drive it, have the vehicle towed to our shop so we can inspect the cooling system and engine to determine what is wrong. Aside from a blown head gasket, a cracked exhaust manifold gasket or faulty catalytic converter can also overheat the engine constantly.

Call East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, today to set up a service appointment for your Mercedes if you believe that it has a blown head gasket.

Photo by Grigorenko from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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