Signs My Audi’s Power Steering Pump Is Bad

It can be difficult to steer your Audi if the power steering pump is bad. East Coast EuroWerks would be happy to inspect the pump and replace it if it needs it. We are going to list the signs that the power steering pump is malfunctioning below. If you are experiencing one or more of these signs when you drive your Audi or other European automobile, head to our shop as soon as possible.

Odd Steering Sounds

Noises when you turn the steering wheel are unusual. You should not hear moaning, squealing, or groaning. You also shouldn’t hear grinding sounds. If you do hear any of these sounds when you are trying to steer your automobile, this is a sign that the power steering pump is going bad. Navigating your Audi should be silent.

Difficulty Steering

A faulty power steering pump can also make it difficult to turn your Audi’s steering wheel. The steering wheel will feel stiff as you try to turn it. If you have driven an automobile with manual steering in the past, it will feel much like this. This is an indication that the power steering pump is no longer able to circulate the fluid through the power steering system. It is this hydraulic power steering fluid that makes it easy to turn the steering wheel.


The reason why we said above that you should come to our shop as soon as possible is that a malfunctioning power steering pump can make it so that your Audi does not respond to the steering. Naturally, this can make driving the Audi dangerous because you cannot control the direction in which it goes.

Leaking Red Fluid

Another sign that the power steering pump needs to be replaced is spots or puddles of red fluid on the garage floor. Power steering fluid is red. If you suspect that your Audi is leaking power steering fluid, checked the fluid reservoir when the engine is cold to see if it is below the minimum line.

Silver-Red Fluid

Finally, you may notice silver flecks in the power steering fluid. This is a sign that the power steering pump is dissolving in the fluid. Naturally, this is something that cannot be repaired. When the power steering pump is disintegrating, it must be replaced.

We can do that here at East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, so call us today to schedule an appointment for your Audi or other European automobile.

Photo by Mike Bird from pexels via Canva Pro

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