Signs My European Automobile’s Water Pump Is Dying

Your European automobile needs a functioning water pump in order for coolant to circulate through the engine. You don’t need us here at East Coast EuroWerks to tell you what will happen if the engine doesn’t have any coolant. Let’s talk about the water pump below and the signs that it is going bad. If you drive a European automobile that has over 100,000 miles on it, it is more likely that your water pump will die. We can replace the factory pump once it has reached the end of its life.

Corrosion on the Pump

If you pop your hood and inspect the water pump, you might see corrosion around it if it has a small leak. Aside from corrosion, the water pump can also get tiny holes or pits on its surface. When this happens, the pump needs to be replaced because some of the coolants is seeping out of the pump rather than circulating through the engine. You do not want to drive your automobile with low coolant levels.

Leaking Engine Coolant

If the water pump is leaking the engine coolant onto your garage floor, your coolant levels will definitely be low. The water pump usually springs a leak as it reaches the end of its life. Unfortunately, the leak causes problems with the coolant levels in the engine. You will see spots on the garage floor underneath your automobile at the front of the engine if the water pump is leaking.

Bad Coolant Circulation

Another problem that happens to an older water pump is it loses its ability to circulate the coolant through the engine. When this happens, your engine becomes coolant-starved. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix a malfunctioning water pump; it must be replaced. You cannot drive your European automobile without a functioning water pump. Doing so will overheat the engine.

Constant Overheating

In fact, if your engine overheats constantly, this is definitely an indication that the water pump has died. The engine could be overheating because it is completely coolant-starved. In other words, there is no coolant circulating through the engine. It might also overheat constantly because a water pump leak has left the coolant levels too low in the cooling system.

Strange Growling Sounds

Finally, if you hear strange growling sounds coming from your engine, this could be a problem with the water pump’s internal gears. The water pump will need to be replaced because internally it has worn out.

Call East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, today if your European automobile is experiencing any of the problems listed above. We will replace your water pump if it has gone bad.

Photo by Tonkovic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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