Signs My Volvo’s Exhaust Manifold Is Leaking

You will notice some strange things if you’re Volvo’s exhaust manifold is leaking. We can inspect the manifold and replace it if necessary. In addition to a leaking exhaust manifold, you may also experience the following problems if the manifold gasket is leaking.

Poor Performance

Heat is an exhaust manifold and manifold gasket’s worst enemy. Both exhaust system parts already put up with a ton of heat when they process the combustion chamber’s exhaust. If the engine overheats, it can crack the exhaust manifold or gasket. Consequently, the leaking exhaust will affect your Volvo’s engine performance. The engine’s performance will be poor.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Even though the engine is lagging, the Volvo will burn more fuel while it is running. This is an indication that the engine is struggling to produce power. This struggle causes the engine to use more fuel and you will see a noticeable reduction in the fuel efficiency you get out of the Volvo.

Hissing or Popping

The exhaust escapes out of the crack in the manifold or gasket. When it does this, it can make a hissing or popping sound. In some cases, this may also sound like tapping. It’s easiest to hear this noise when you first fire up the Volvo. Listen carefully at ignition.

Burning Engine Odors

As you can imagine, your vehicle’s exhaust is extremely hot. Consequently, when it leaks out of the manifold or gasket and fills the engine, it heats up the engine to the point that it may overheat. As such, you may smell burning engine odors coming from the Volvo’s engine while it is running.

Strong Exhaust Odors

You may also start to smell the exhaust that is produced in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, this exhaust can be drawn into the passenger cabin through the ventilation system. As you can imagine, driving the Volvo can be dangerous if you can smell exhaust inside the automobile.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, your Volvo’s engine control unit may opt to turn on the check engine light to let you know there’s a problem in the engine. In this case, the problem is that the engine is filling with exhaust that is leaking out of the cracked manifold or gasket.

Do not worry. Our certified technicians are experts in everything Volvo. We can replace the exhaust manifold or gasket if either part has cracked. This will restore the engine’s performance and resolve the rest of the issues listed in this blog post.

Photo by stevechatterton from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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