Signs Your European Automobile Needs a New Fuel Pump

The factory fuel pump in your European automobile should last for 100,000 miles. East Coast EuroWerks can replace the factory pump once it goes bad. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the problems listed below, these are signs that the fuel pump is dying and needs to be replaced.

High-Speed Sputtering

When you drive fast in your European automobile, the engine needs more fuel. If the fuel pump is not able to supply the engine with extra fuel, it will sputter at high speeds. This can be annoying, especially if you are concerned that the engine will stall. Generally, it should only stall when you are sitting at an idle rather than when you are in motion.

Engine Stress Power Loss

A stressed engine also needs more fuel to maintain its power. For example, if you are towing a trailer behind your European SUV with your jet skis for a fun weekend and the SUV keeps losing power, the fuel pump is not moving enough gasoline into the engine to accommodate the extra weight of the trailer and jet skis.

Unexpected Engine Surging

The opposite can happen if the fuel pump decides to push too much fuel into the engine. When this happens, the engine surges the vehicle forward as it burns away the excess fuel. This can be concerning, especially because the speed increases are unpredictable and sporadic.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

All of these engine problems will reduce your European automobile’s fuel economy. This is frustrating at the cost of gasoline these days. Replacing the fuel pump will restore your engine’s efficient performance and help your vehicle get more miles to the gallon.

Reduction in Fuel Pressure

A faulty fuel pump will cause a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel pressure. The fuel pressure can be tested if you are experiencing any of the problems listed in this blog post to see if it is within the recommended range. If it is below the recommended range, the fuel pump is going bad.

Groaning or Whining Sounds

You might also hear groaning or whining sounds coming from your European automobile’s fuel tank if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. This can be troubling as you may not realize from where the noise is coming.

Hard Starts or No Starts

Finally, difficulty starting your European automobile or being unable to start it at all can definitely be a sign that you need a new fuel pump. This is an indication that the pump is no longer able to move the fuel from the tank to the engine.

East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, can test your fuel pump and replace it if necessary. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

Photo by Boyrcr420 From Getty Images via Canva Pro

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