Six of the Best Tips for Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

When your European automobile is squeaky clean, inside and out, it’s a lot more fun to drive. You bought your car to enjoy it, and East Coast EuroWerks has some tips that can protect your car’s value. That’s right! Keeping your automobile looking like new gives you better resell value down the line.

1. Don’t Put Cleaning Off

The first step in keeping your car or crossover looking its best is to clean the interior regularly. If you put off cleaning, that means that dirt and grime have more time to build up, and what does this mean for you? Cleaning your car’s interior takes longer, is more difficult, and you dread it more and more.

2. Get Rid of Trash First

Whether you’ve got a dedicated trash bag or not, get rid of whatever is inside the car that is trash. It’s easy to accumulate stuff that doesn’t belong in the car, especially if your commute is a long one. By doing this more often, you don’t have a chance to build up a lot of stuff that needs to be tossed.

3. Vacuum the Seats and Carpeting

Do a quick but thorough vacuum of the seats and the carpeting. Remove the floor mats to really get every bit of dirt, debris, and crumbs that could be there. Again, the more often you do this, the easier it is. Putting it off allows things to get ground into your vehicle’s carpet, floor mats, and interior.

4. Spot Treat Stains

Use a laundry pen or spot cleaning solution on any stains you find. It should be easier to spot them after a thorough vacuum. Make sure that you test whatever cleaning solution you’re using in an inconspicuous area first, just to be on the safe side. Treating stains quickly gets rid of them easier.

5. Clean Hard Surfaces with a Damp Microfiber Cloth

Take a barely damp microfiber cloth and go over the hard surfaces of your car’s interior. This helps to remove dust and dirt, as well as oily fingerprints, from those surfaces. If you’d like to go an extra step, use a little 70 percent isopropyl alcohol on the microfiber cloth to disinfect surfaces.

6. Clean Your Windows Often to Make it Easier

When you haven’t cleaned your windows for a while, especially on the inside, they tend to smear when you clean them. By cleaning them more regularly, you remove buildup and they are less likely to smear. Isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth can work wonders on the inside of your windshield.

Your car is an investment, so it makes sense to take the best care of it possible. Need to make sure the engine is in tip-top shape, too? Contact East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, today.

Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels via Canva Pro

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