What Fluids Will I Find in My BMW?

Regular fluid changes are crucial to your BMW’s health, safety, and reliability. East Coast EuroWerks can change the fluids when they need it. We are going to list the fluids found in your BMW by their color below. Identifying the fluids by color helps you determine the fluid leaking from the Beemer should your BMW develop a fluid leak. Hopefully, this will never happen.


Your BMW is equipped with windshield washing solution that is blue. Thankfully, if you end up with a washing solution leak, it remains safe to drive the BMW. Another fluid that is blue is antifreeze/coolant. It is rare for this automotive fluid to come in this color, but it is possible.


Your BMW has three fluids that are brown. The motor oil circulating through the engine is brown, the brake fluid is most likely brown, and the differential oil is brown. All three of these fluids are light brown when they are new. They turned dark brown as they age. It’s not a good idea to drive the BMW if it is leaking any of these fluids as you could damage the engine or the brakes could fail.


Water is the clear fluid that drips off of your BMW’s air conditioning system and also out of the tailpipe. The other fluid that is almost clear in your BMW is the fuel. As such, it is crucial that you smell the fluid leaking on the garage floor to ensure that your Beemer is not leaking fuel.


A more common color of antifreeze/coolant is green. The antifreeze/coolant in your BMW may also be green-blue or neon green. It can also be green-yellow. You can check the color of the antifreeze/coolant when the engine is cold. Simply pop the hood and look at the overflow reservoir.


The antifreeze/coolant in your BMW may also be orange. The color of the fluid may originally be orange or it may turn orange if there is rust inside of the radiator. Unfortunately, if there is rust inside of the radiator, it has likely eaten through the bottom of the cooling system part.


You may have noticed that we mentioned above that the brake fluid is most likely brown. This being said, some brake fluid brands are also red. Another red fluid in your BMW is the transmission fluid. The power steering fluid is also red, and you may have red antifreeze/coolant.


One final color in which the antifreeze/coolant comes is yellow. As with green, the yellow may be neon in color or it may be yellow-green.

Call East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, today if your BMW is overdue for a fluid inspection. This should be done annually.

Photo by Scharfsinn86 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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