What Auto Services Should Your Auto Repair Shop Offer?

You know your auto repair shop should staff expert mechanics experienced in maintaining and repairing European automobiles. It should be a one-stop-shop; one that can handle any issue from the roof to the tires. It should be trustworthy, honest, affordable, and competitive. You should be able to trust it no matter what. For the record, East Cost EuroWerks is that shop in Wilmington, NC, and here some additional auto services it offers its customers.

Quality Counts

Quality service goes beyond excellent customer service. Only ASE-Certified technicians who are factory-trained to work on European automobiles can offer customers the quality maintenance and repair work they deserve. Quality workmanship speaks volumes and prevents repeat visits after a service.

Detailed Estimates

Guessing how much a maintenance or repair service is going to cost a customer is never good enough. An estimate for automobile maintenance or repair should be detailed; so detailed, in fact, that the customer doesn’t have any questions. Unapproved work should never be done, either.

Courtesy Transportation

To help customers when their vehicles are in the shop all day, auto service shops should offer courtesy transportation to get their customers from the shop to work and back to the shop at day’s end. It’s discourteous to expect a customer to find a way to work after he or she has dropped off the vehicle.

Extended Transportation

If the customer’s car is going to be in the shop for days, the auto repair shop should provide a quality loaner vehicle. This helps the customer beyond repairing his or her car, truck or SUV. It prevents the inconvenience of having to rent or borrow a car from somebody else.


Customer satisfaction should always be an auto repair facility’s priority. This includes personalized attention and auto services and warranties to back up the work. The best warranty on the market is a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. This protects the customer long after the repair.

Complimentary Inspection

Why should a customer pay for a vehicle inspection if the mechanic is going to perform the repair work? The inspection helps identify the issue in need of repair. Even if the vehicle is only in for maintenance, the mechanic should inspect it for unforeseen problems to prevent trouble literally down the road.

East Coast EuroWerks also offers 24/7 towing services in case a driver gets stranded. If we aren’t your European auto mechanic, we should be. We are located in Wilmington, NC, give us a call today!


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