Which European Vehicles Manufacturers Sold the Most Cars in the U.S. in 2019?

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2020? It doesn’t seem possible that the year is going by so quickly. Who even remembers 2019? Well, we do in that it’s always fun to see which European vehicles dominated the U.S. sales markets each year. Let’s head back a year to 2019 to see who did best in total vehicle sales. After all, East Coast EuroWerks specializes in European automobiles and we like to keep track of which brands are popular in the United States annually.

Volkswagen Is King

Germany’s Volkswagen took 2019 by storm and sold the most European automobiles in the United States. It didn’t place first in total automotive sales from all vehicle manufacturers, i.e. North America, Asia, and Europe, but it did place first for European automotive sales. This is likely because VWs are affordable and classic. Volkswagen has wisely taken advantage of its retro-marketing power and reinvented classic VWs for newer generations… and their parents and grandparents.

Mercedes-Benz Took the Last Quarter

Luxury won over consumers in 2019’s fourth quarter. From October to December, more consumers purchased Mercedes-Benz vehicles than any other European-made automobile. In fact, during the fourth quarter, Mercedes-Benz sold 103,363 cars, followed by its competitor, BMW, who sold 92,399 vehicles. Volkswagen took third place in the fourth quarter with a total of 85,167 automobiles sold, and Audi rounds out the top four with 65,640 vehicles purchased by U.S. consumers.

The remaining European vehicles sold in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2019 don’t come close to the top four. Respectively, they are

  • Volvo with 30,802 total sales
  • Land Rover with 28,097 total sales
  • Jaguar with 8,573 total sales
  • MINI with 8,339 total sales
  • Alfa Romeo with 4,947 total sales

These vehicles seem to appeal to a select group of consumers, while the top four are more popular throughout the land. All of the machines are certainly excellent vehicles.

European Manufacturing

North America and Asian automobile manufacturers certainly compete well with European manufacturers but there is something about a European automobile that takes the cake for many consumers. Maybe it’s the retro VW Beetle that takes someone back to his or her teenage years; perhaps it’s the luxurious Mercedes-Benz he or she has saved for years to buy. We love the handling and efficiency of European automobiles.

Of the top European automobiles on 2019’s list, East Coast EuroWerks specializes in six of them. Bring your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper, or Volkswagen to our Wilmington, NC, shop for all of your service needs. 


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