Why Choosing A Professional BMW Car Repair Service Matters

You chose your BMW because of its reliability, luxury and safety, so why would you want to leave your investment in the wrong hands? BMWs have specific maintenance and service requirements that differ from those that traditional domestic vehicles have, so you can’t just bring your car into any service shop and expect them to do an excellent job. Choosing a professional BMW repair service is the difference between putting motor oil in your car or putting vegetable oil in your car.

The Oil Change You Choose Matters

If you previously owned a domestic vehicle, you’re probably used to being able to pull into any auto repair shop to get a cheap oil change every few thousand miles. However, it isn’t that easy with a BMW. You should always take your BMW to a professional car repair facility like East Coast EuroWerks. We encounter vehicles with stripped drain plugs on a regular basis, which means you’ll be paying to fix the mistakes that a quick oil change service made.

When completing an oil change for a BMW, you don’t have access to oil dipsticks like in other vehicles. Instead, oil levels need to be checked with BMW tools. Additionally, the right type of oil must be used. Each series has different oil weight requirements depending on the year and engine design, and you can’t expect every repair shop to know that like we do.

When changing the oil, we always inspect the filter and oil to see if there are any signs of issues with your vehicle. If you go to a traditional repair shop, they also might utilize paper core filters that are quickly destroyed by the heat of a BMW engine. We use the highest-quality products to complement your high-quality automobile.

How Often Does Your BMW Need an Oil Change?

BMW makes high-performance vehicles designed to last. You should always have regular maintenance performed to ensure that you are caring for your investment properly. When you take your car in for service, we can check your oil levels and quality at the same time to see if you need an oil change. We have a wealth of experience working on BMWs and other European vehicles, so we know how to check which oil your car needs and replace it with the best possible blend for your car’s performance.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Oil?

Using an oil that is non-synthetic or North American-rated in a BMW will lead to lasting damage. Every few years, BMW updates their oil formulations based on fuel type, region, engine design, mileage and emissions requirements. Using the wrong oil will damage your engine. Burn-offs that use too much oil, high-temperature volatility and sludge build-up can occur. If your BMW is still under warranty, using oil that goes against manufacturer recommendations can also void your warranty and leave you liable for all repairs.

We Have the Right Equipment for Your BMW

Just like we have the necessary tools to check your BMW’s oil level, we also have additional tools and training to complete all maintenance and repair needs. Don’t entrust your BMW to someone who will be learning things for the first time or searching around for information. Instead, you should leave your investment with someone who has plenty of experience like East Coast EuroWerks. Call us today to schedule your next BMW service or repair.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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