Why Does My Transmission Keep Slipping?

You’re driving along and your engine suddenly revs higher and you use lose power. Your transmission has slipped out of gear, which could be a sign of serious trouble in the system. Why does this keep happening? East Coast EuroWerks can fix the problem whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission. Here is a list of reasons why a vehicle’s transmission will slip out of gear.

Transmission Fluid Problems

The transmission fluid does more than protect moving transmission parts; it also helps the transmission shift gears. If the fluid is low, dirty, or burned, your transmission will struggle to shift gears and stay in gear. In addition, the old transmission fluid can no longer protect the moving parts and gears.

Defective Solenoid

Your European automobile has a transmission solenoid that regulates the amount of transmission fluid needed to pass through the unit and shift gears. If the solenoid is defective, it won’t push enough fluid into the transmission, and you might end up with an overheated transmission or gears slipping.

Worn Transmission Bands

If you drive an automatic transmission, you have bands in the system that link all of the gears together. These bands can get old and break or wear down and be too loose. When this happens, they are no longer functional or tight enough to keep the transmission in the gear in which you’ve placed it.

Worn Clutch

If you drive a manual transmission, and many European automobiles are sticks, your clutch could be worn down and this is why the gears keep slipping. A worn clutch might also make the gears grind when you shift them and could even prevent the vehicle from going into gear in the first place.

Bad Torque Converter

Automatic transmissions use a torque converter to help shift gears. This converter powers the wheels on your vehicle (with the camshaft) and transmission fluid flows through the torque converter to shift gears. If the converter is bad, you might end up with slipping gears and a fluid leak.

Worn Gears

Finally, if you drive an older automobile or have never had your transmission fluid changed, your transmission might slip out of gear because the gears have worn down. Worn transmission gears cannot link in the right places and engage properly, and this causes the transmission to slip out of gear.

Don’t put off calling East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, if your transmission is slipping. Fixing the problem now prevents more expensive damage and repairs later.

Photo by MikesPhotos from pixabay via Canva Pro

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