Why Is My Battery Light On?

Your European automobile has a battery-shaped light on the dashboard that turns on briefly when you first fire up the car, crossover, or SUV. If the battery light comes on at any other time, or if it stays on after you’ve started your automobile, this is an indication that the battery is going bad. A car battery will last, on average, three to five years. East Coast EuroWerks indicates that if your battery is this old and you are experiencing any of the other problems listed below, your battery is likely dying.

Corroded Battery Terminals

The first thing you should do when your battery light turns on is to find a safe place to park and cut the engine. Pop the hood and take a look at your battery terminals and cables. If they are corroded, it’s possible that the corrosion is blocking the electrical connection between the terminals and cables. This can cause battery problems and an illuminated battery light.

Misshapen Battery Case

You should also look at the battery case to see if it is misshapen in any way. Look for strange things like bubbles or cracks that indicate the internal chemical reaction is bad. In fact, it’s a good idea to check your battery on a regular basis for terminal corrosion and problems with the battery case. These things indicate that the battery is leaking acid and needs to be replaced.

Dim or Flickering Headlights

Another sign that your battery is dying is if your headlights are dim and/or flickering. You will also have problems with the interior lights, the dashboard light, and your European automobile’s taillights. In rare cases, the headlights may also get overly bright, but this isn’t common. Rather, a dying battery causes the headlights to dim and flicker.

Hard to Start the Engine

A dying battery also makes it difficult if not impossible to start your European automobile’s engine. If it takes a few cranks before the engine fires up, you’re on the road to a dead battery. It’s best to have the battery tested right away so you don’t end up stranded and calling for roadside assistance.

Rotten Egg Odors

Finally, a leaking battery will smell like rotten eggs. The reason why is that the battery is leaking sulfuric acid and this acid has that distinct odor. It’s crucial that you change the battery if it is leaking.

We can help here at East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC. Call us today if you are European automobile’s battery light is on or you are experiencing any of the other problems listed in this blog post.

Photo by kb group via Canva Pro

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