Why Is My BMW’s Engine So Loud?

Your BMW’s engine is loud because you’ve got a hole in the muffler. This can happen in older mufflers or if the muffler was struck by road debris or drug over a bump. East Coast EuroWerks can replace your BMW’s muffler if it is damaged. This is just one thing that can go wrong with your European automobile’s exhaust system. Let’s talk about the rest of the exhaust system problems below.

Decreased Engine Power

The exhaust system can be clogged by sulfur and carbon deposits. It can also spring a leak. When either of these things happens, exhaust gases back up into the combustion chamber and fill the engine. This directly affects your engine’s power. You will notice a decrease in the power your engine produces. In fact, your vehicle’s acceleration will lag and the engine will struggle to pick up speed.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

When the engine struggles to produce power, it uses more gasoline or diesel fuel. Consequently, you will see a reduction in your car, truck, or C/SUV’s gas mileage. This reduction in fuel economy can get worse the more the exhaust system malfunctions. Bring your vehicle to our shop at the first sign of exhaust system trouble to help avoid the loss of engine power and fuel economy.

Engine Bay Burning Odors

You might also smell burning odors coming from the engine bay if the exhaust system is leaking. The odors may smell like melting rubber or plastic. This is a sign that the exhaust manifold gasket has sprung a leak and is releasing hot exhaust into the engine. The exhaust is so hot that it can melt nearby parts made from rubber or plastic. These burning odors can be overwhelming depending on the leak.

Gas Odors in the Cabin

A dangerous sign that your vehicle’s exhaust system is clogged or leaking is gasoline or diesel fuel odors inside the automobile. You should never be able to smell the gas inside the passenger cabin. If you can, stop driving your automobile immediately to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Have your car, truck, or utility vehicle towed to our shop for an exhaust system inspection and repair.

Visible Tailpipe Damage

Finally, your tailpipe might be damaged and need to be replaced. It’s easy for the tailpipe to get damaged by the road and road debris. If you see visible damage to the tailpipe, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can replace it with a new one that is unclogged and undamaged.

Call East Coast EuroWerks in Wilmington, NC, if your BMW or other European automobile is experiencing any of the problems discussed in this blog post. We can repair the exhaust system.


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